Networking and Referral Marketing Mistakes: Don...

“Small Business Referrals” …”Word of Mouth Marketing” …”Professional Referral Networks”… I think a lot of us hear these words, or research them online, and put together a kind of frame of reference that involves many people with ties and briefcases.

Partner Referral Vs. Customer Referral

Partner referrals: These are the referrals you receive from like minded and complimentary businesses to your own. They are not your customers. They are partner businesses in your network. They haven’t purchased from you. They are motivated to keep a

VCP – An Important Acronym When Seeking Refe...

VCP stands for “Visibility”, “Credibility”, and “Profitability”, and is an acronym that was coined by Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI. VCP is a telling overview of the process involved when working to establish a reciprocal referral partner, and also

Using Linked In To Establish Your Referral Network

You might find yourself scratching your head, wondering how to select some key partners and candidates for your referral network. You’ve noted a few specialists in different complimentary fields that you’d like to create a relationship with that you didn’t