Say “hello” to simple and thoughtful organization of your business referrals.

Hello Referrals makes sending, receiving, and tracking referrals easy for networks. Centralize communication and measure success as you close more word of mouth business — safely and securely.

  • 1

    Send and receive business referrals and word of mouth leads.

    • Provide your lead’s contact information
    • Note the “temperature” of the opportunity
    • Include important notes and information to help your network partners close the business you refer to them
  • 2

    Track your referrals and manage leads.

    • Instant email updates when you receive a referral from a network partner
    • Always know what you have to do and where you are in the sales process
    • Note when you’ve contacted a potential customer, sent them a proposal, successfully earned their business, or missed the mark.
  • 3

    Communicate with your network - those you refer and those that refer you.

    • Centralized communication with your referral group keeps your networking activity in one place and always up-to-date.
    • Send messages to partners, stage meet-ups, and create events to help each other throughout the sales cycle.
  • 4

    Measure the results of your network's efforts.

    • Information is power: track your entire network’s performance
    • Break down the number of referrals sent and received on a monthly basis, and see how well each partner is able to convert opportunities to successful business
    • See exactly how much business revenue was generated by the referrals exchanged in your network
  • 5

    You'll never see another lead or referral slip through the cracks.

    • Instant email notifications let you know exactly what’s happening: when you receive a referral, a partner follows up with you or you’re invited to a meet-up
    • Weekly summary emails remind you where your referrals are at and ensure that a sales opportunity is never left to fade.
  • 6

    Easily expand and administrate your referral network.

    • Inviting new partners into your network is easy and secure
    • Roles let you decide which partners have permission to view reports and invite new people into the group
    • Distribute agendas for group-wide meet-ups with ease