Lead vs. Referral

Let’s define something very clearly. There is a major difference between a lead – also known as a business opportunity – and a referral – (also known as the ideal according to what we think). These two things often get

Essential Elements of a Successful Referral Market...

Sounds a bit hokey… yes… but we’re going to explain what a circle of trust is and why it’s essential to the attitude you need to have when it comes to leveraging your referral network and achieving zen in the

The Power Of The Incentive

Incentive: \in-ˈsen-tiv\ noun — something that incites, or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for greater productivity So you’ve successfully established your referral marketing network. You’ve assembled your crack team of business professionals who

The Inaugural Post

Hi there. Welcome to Hello Referrals and welcome to our blog. In case you didn’t see the pitch on the way in, Hello Referrals is web application currently in development that hopes to accomplish one simple goal: to help you