Business Referral MarketingLet’s define something very clearly. There is a major difference between a lead – also known as a business opportunity – and a referral – (also known as the ideal according to what we think). These two things often get assumed to be the same thing, and they couldn’t be more different.

A lead has the potential to do business with you. The person giving you a lead thinks that the individual they are sending your way might need what you have to offer. Leads are opportunities that are typically in the initial stages of the sales cycle and are considering to buy. Not to sound like a page out of Glengarry Glen Ross, but leads, while valuable, need further work prior to a close, which can take weeks or months depending on your industry.

A referral is a prospect that is both seeking what you have to offer and is ready to move forward.

It’s pretty simple to guess what most business professionals want to receive, but believe it or not, the value of a solid referral can in most instances still get lost in the grind of being in business. That’s one of the main reasons we created Hello Referrals.We have a vision of business professionals capitalizing on a steady stream of self established referrals by managing them effectively and growing their source – all the while increasing sales at an exponentially lower cost than traditional marketing. In english – kick starting your business into high gear.