Where we’re at right now

Almost there.

At the moment we’re putting the finishing touches on an alpha version of Hello Referrals that we’ll be launching to a very limited group in the next few weeks. We’ve got the core functionality complete and we’re dying to get it in the hands of some real users. Based on the feedback we get on the alpha version we’ll be aiming to release a beta version in late May.

At that point we’ll be making the software available to our first customers. It’s extremely exciting and a big step we want to get right. Stay tuned for more information regarding pricing and availability.

What Hello Referrals does…

  • Ideally suited to existing groups or BNI chapters
  • Wicked simple and effective management of the referrals you send and receive
  • Lean and mean organization of your reciprocal business contacts and events
  • Helps you and those that refer you close more business
  • Creates an organized reciprocal business referral network

What Hello Referrals doesn’t…

  • Not available to individuals (not yet at least)
  • Allow you to drop the ball on referred prospects – that’s a big no no
  • Disappoint your business partners by blowing referral opportunities – GASP!
  • Require you to juggle emails, business cards, calendars, phone calls and post-its to close referral business
  • Get in your way and won’t take long to learn

We’re doing our best to tweet and blog our progress and make as many friends and fans as we can while we wrap up the initial development. Thanks again for wanting to hear about what we’re up to.

We hope you’ll hang around to meet Hello Referrals because he’s very excited to meet all of you.

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