Business Networking and Referral Groups

All-In-One System for Managing Business Networking Group

Group Member Management

HelloReferrals makes it a snap to manage and track your
business networking referral group(s) and starting sharing referrals immediately. Invite, remove and collaborate with members on referrals, meetings, events and more.

Referral Tracking

Send, track and receive referrals between referral group members. No more passing paper or emails with referral information. Members simply submit referrals to other members with a simple referral form and everyone stays in the look with referral email notifications.

Track Meetings and 1-to-1s

Stop using spreadsheets to track your referral group. With HelloReferrals you can easily track your referral groups meeting attendance, 1-to-1s and events.

Generate Reports

Generate reports at the Group level and individual level for referrals, attendance and more.

Collect Membership Dues

If you charge members a monthly or annual fee to be a part of your referral group, you are able to collect and manage those payments directly through your dashboard.